One of the main elements of any VO actors’ career and where we all start, is the demo. It’s our calling card. Our audio resume. The vehicle to hopefully get us our first agent, or an audition with a new potential client. It’s the way to get past “round one” of booking a job.  A demo is your first shot to even be considered for the audition or agent or casting director. And to really be competitive, your demo has to be a good representation of where your skill level is, at that point in your career. But the question I get asked a lot is “How long should the demo actually be?”

In this era of short attention spans and 40 characters or less to get a point across, you really can’t go beyond 60 seconds to showcase your talents. Sixty seconds or less is all it takes for someone to gain further interest or take a pass on your voice. And sometimes, a listener may not even get past the first 15 seconds, if they don’t like what they hear. So focus on making the best demo possible with your current skill set and then edit it down to the best of the best to fit into 1 minute in length. Happy Editing!